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Embody Carolina is a committee dedicated to raising eating disorder awareness, spreading body positivity, fighting stigma and educating allies in our community through an intersectional and inclusive approach. At the core of what we do is our peer-led training that aims to educate students about identifying and supporting someone struggling with an eating disorder. We are meeting a real need on campus, as eating disorders affect around 10-20% of college women, and 4-10% of college men. Even higher percentages of students struggle with negative body image, disordered eating, and low self-esteem. These disorders and issues are not only potentially physically destructive, but are emotionally and mentally exhausting, detracting from students’ abilities to pursue their true interests. We believe that access to eating disorder treatment is a social justice issue and we are dedicated to advocacy around this topic.

Embody recognizes that there is no replacement for professional treatment of disorders and in no way seeks to do so.  The 2.5-3 hour student led training program, developed in collaboration with the professionals at the UNC Center of Excellence for Eating Disorders, is meant to help students identify the signs of struggle, learn to approach friends with sensitivity and compassion, seek out professional help in the community, and serve as allies in the recovery process. The program also aims to dispel common myths about eating disorders and inform students about the dangers and realities of these disorders.

For more information about Embody Carolina and their work on campus, please visit their website at