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Youth for Elderly Services (YES)

January 13, 2023

Youth for Elderly Service (YES) has a mission to improve the lives of the elderly by providing companionship. Through volunteering at retirement homes, daytime elder-care centers, and other locales, YES volunteers are able to build meaningful relationships with elderly members of … Continued

Technology Without Borders

January 13, 2023

Technology Without Borders (TWB)’s mission is to bridge the digital divide in all its forms, both at home and abroad. TWB seeks to apply technical solutions to pressing social needs in innovative ways. We focus on ensuring equitable access to technology … Continued

Hope Gardens

January 13, 2023

Hope Gardens is a completely student-run nonprofit organization that seeks to bridge the gap between UNC and the broader community on issues of food access and food security. We strive to educate participants about gardening, raise awareness about food insecurity and the … Continued

Health Focus

January 13, 2023

Health Focus is a group that works to raise awareness and increase activism for health issues by volunteering in health-related areas in our community and exploring strategies to address current health disparities. We volunteer at the UNC Children’s Hospital, organize … Continued

Embody Carolina

January 13, 2023

Embody Carolina is a committee dedicated to raising eating disorder awareness, spreading body positivity, fighting stigma and educating allies in our community through an intersectional and inclusive approach. At the core of what we do is our peer-led training that … Continued

Carolina Defender

January 13, 2023

Carolina Defender is an affinity group that continuously fosters avenues of inclusivity and openness through Allyship, Community Engagement, and Leadership with the aim of addressing and fixing experiences of marginalized and underrepresented identities of UNC.


January 13, 2023

Art&Life envisions a world where visual art and art historical skills are accessible to a diversity of middle and high school youth in the Chapel Hill-Carrboro area. This program strives to eliminate the idea that museums and art are only … Continued


January 13, 2023

Advocates for Grassroots Development in Uganda (AGRADU) is a UNC student initiative aiming to support indigenous grassroots efforts at community building and economic development in Uganda. AGRADU helps to educate and to raise awareness about international development from a grassroots … Continued

A Drink for Tomorrow

January 12, 2023

A Drink For Tomorrow (ADFT) combats the global water crisis through awareness and direct action. At ADFT, we believe that access to clean, safe drinking water is a basic human right. Our public health projects are designed to provide a … Continued