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The Anne Queen Lounge is managed by the Office of Faculty Governance. All inquiries about this space should be directed to the Office of Faculty Governance.)

Available Rooms for Reservation 

All individuals reserving rooms must agree to the following rules:


    1. We require a minimum of 2 days advanced notice for room reservations.
    2. These rooms are provided free of charge, but this reservation grants the use of the room facility only.
    3. If you move tables and chairs around, pls. put them back to the layout the room was in before you used it
    4. Remove all materials you brought with you and, put trash and recycle items in the appropriate containers when you leave
    5. There are no staff members available to provide any service with this room.
    6. The building is equipped with an alarm system which is activated after hours. At no time shall any door to the outside be propped open, as this will trigger the alarm and DPS will be called.

I agree to these terms. Take me to the reservation form.