The Campus Y has three spaces available for a variety of uses throughout the day and week. Please first determine which room(s) would be suitable for your event and then find an available time on the appropriate room calendar before submitting your reservation request.

As of 8/21/17, all reservations for the Anne Queen Lounge are handled by the Office of Faculty Governance. Click here to find the reservation form.

Available Rooms for Reservation 

All individuals reserving rooms must agree to the following rules:

  1. These rooms are provided free of charge, but this reservation grants the use of the room facility only.
  2. There are no staff members available to provide any service with this room.
  3. There are no set-up/clean-up/breakdown services provided with this room; therefore, you may do so, but you are solely responsible for the clean-up and the replacement of all furniture.
  4. You may coordinate with Carolina Union to provide additional chairs, food services, beverages service, etc., but you are responsible for the clean-up and the replacement of all furniture.
  5. The building is equipped with an alarm system which is activated after hours. At no time shall any door be propped open, as this will trigger the alarm and DPS will be called. If you need the doors unlocked for your event, and you would also like the alarm de-activated, please request this service once you receive your room confirmation.
  6. All rooms must be left clean and in “as new” condition, with all furniture replaced as shown on the diagram on the wall.

I agree to these terms. Take me to the reservation form.