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At the Campus Y, we believe that learning can’t be confined within the walls of Carolina’s classrooms. Every year, we support approximately 4,000 students as they confront real-world challenges and triumphs through advocacy, education, innovation and service, both locally and abroad. The Y is home to 30+ student-led committees¬†open to all students and three application-based, staff-led programs:

The Bonner Leaders Program leverages federal-work study funds to support undergrads with high financial needs and strong commitments to service. Bonner Leaders enter the program as first-years and follow a developmental model that enables them to serve at one local nonprofit for four years. This long-term commitment creates a deep partnership between students and they communities they serve, while allowing Bonners to grow personally and professionally.

  • Program size: 50 Bonner Leaders
  • Open to: Incoming first-year undergrads who are work-study eligible
  • Commitment: 4 years
  • Stipend: Up to $3,000 per year
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CUBE provides UNC students and faculty with the support they need to turn their best entrepreneurial ideas for social improvement into scalable businesses through workshops, seed funding, mentorship, academic instruction and more. CUBE teams have developed revolutionary solutions to some of our era’s most pressing challenges including food insecurity, educational equity, public health accessibility and global warming.

  • Program size:¬†Up to 10 teams
  • Open to: All undergraduate and graduate Carolina students
  • Commitment: 1 year residency
  • Seed Funding: Varies annually

View a sample of the 2021 CUBE application here.

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Only the second University-supported gap year program in the U.S., UNC’s Global Gap Year Fellowship supports the university’s mission to “open access to global opportunities” by recruiting and supporting youth from underrepresented backgrounds. Participants may select to self-design their gap years in collaboration with Campus Y staff or participate in an intensive, ten-month global leadership training program with our partner organization, Global Citizen Year.

    • Program size: 10-15 gappers
    • Open to: Incoming first years
    • Commitment: 1 year
    • Stipend: $8,000
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