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We hope to inspire our peers and community members so that they may realize that our differences make us the same, and the challenges we face make us stronger.

In the fall of 2012, four students — three of whom had experienced amputations — came together to form what would become UNC’s first organization for students who have a passion for disability advocacy work. Whether we know someone with a disability or have ever been impacted by one ourselves, disability means something different to all of us – For some, it is a part of their identity. For others, it is a challenge they have had to overcome. For many, it is experienced indirectly through a loved one. All of our experiences are different, but we share a common belief: we believe that the word ‘disability’ should empower us. Please join the Advocates for Carolina committee and help us to raise disability awareness and achieve the equality that all students deserve. YOUR voice matters, so make it heard!

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Disability Advocates for Carolina Website



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