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Anne Queen Faculty Commons Facility Use Policy

Responsible Person

A responsible representative of the organization or event sponsor must be present at the Anne Queen Faculty Commons throughout the event and must supervise after-event cleanup.

Furniture Setup

OFG and Campus Y have established a standard furniture setup for the Anne Queen Faculty Commons. Users may change the arrangement of the furniture, but must not move the rugs. Additionally, furniture is not to be removed from the room. Users must return all furniture to the standard setup immediately after their event concludes.


Faculty members and colleagues with whom they are meeting are welcome to bring individual food and drinks into the room during weekday hours and are responsible for cleaning up after use. For more organized events, catering including finger foods and beverages is allowed. Sit-down dinners are not permitted.

The campus alcohol policy governs alcohol use in this room.

Vendors/Catering/Special Equipment

There is no sound amplification or projection equipment built into the room and no technical assistance available. There is also no kitchen space available for the use of caterers. It is the responsibility of the event sponsor to arrange for any outside equipment, furniture, or materials needed. Additional tables and chairs are available by request from Facilities Services.

At the discretion of the OFG or the Campus Y, an advance walk-through may be required if special features are proposed. Users are expected to take care that the room and its furnishings are not damaged as a result of such special features. It is the responsibility of the event sponsor to arrange for outside equipment, furniture, materials, etc., to be removed before 8:00 a.m. the next business day.


Any event that involves dancing in street shoes requires special protection for the affected floor area such as a canvas ground cloth.


No item, artwork, poster, flier, or document is to be attached to interior walls, doors, fixtures, windows, trash cans, building exteriors, stairway railings, elevator walls, floors, grounds, or ceilings. No existing artwork can be removed.


Users are responsible for cleaning up after their events. Please remove all trash, boxes, and all other items brought into the room, wipe down the tables, and return all furniture to its original configuration. Trash should be carried out to the dumpsters in the parking lot behind the Y. If the condition of the room is unsatisfactory after your use, you may forfeit subsequent use privileges or have your department billed for the cost of cleaning and/or restoration.

Doors must be shut and locked following evening and weekend events.


There is no parking available at the Campus Y. Please contact the Special Events Parking office with UNC DPS at 919-962-4424 to make the necessary parking arrangements for your guests.