The Leadership of the Campus Y is the responsibility of our Cabinet, which is a collection of the leaders of 31 student-led committees that each concentrate on a specific social justice issue, the Campus Y Co-Presidents, and a supporting Executive Board. The makeup of our Cabinet is emblematic of the complexity of social justice: all issues are distinct, but interlocked.

The Y must strive to…

1) Be socially conscious and mindful in all its actions;

The Y should strive to be reflective, mindful, and evaluative in its actions. We should endeavor to evaluate our work within the context of oppressive societal systems, striving to make sustainable, ethical impact.

2) Be inclusive and representative;

If Y members are going to engage in critical discussions and take action on social issues, it is imperative that the views of those who are disproportionately affected by these issues are included in the discussion.

3) Be connected and transparent internally, to campus, and to the Chapel Hill community in both our infrastructure and dialogue; and

Internally, we must strive to be connected across committees, between Exec and Cabinet, between Cabinet and programs, between students and staff. Our strength as an organization is rooted in our multiplicity of focuses, approaches and initiatives which must serve to reinforce each other. The Y should actively seek out mutually beneficial partnerships and connect with other campus and community organizations.

4) Take a holistic approach to social justice.

In order to affect the most change, the Y’s work must reflect a balance of ethical service, advocacy and activism, and education.

Our Executive Board:


Raymond Tu (he/him) and Kipp Williams (he/him) –

  • Purpose: anything and everything
  • How they can help you: large scale issues with committee functions, contact information for Y staff, general support

Kipp and Raymond hold office hours in Room 201 of the Campus Y on Mondays and Wednesdays from 11 AM – 12 PM. Come to ask questions or just chat!

Raymond Tu is one of the Co-Presidents for the 2019-2020 term, and is from Guelph, Ontario, Canada. He is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Public Health in the Environmental Sciences and Engineering department at Gillings, and is involved with water, sanitation, and hygiene (WaSH) research in their Water Institute. If you ever find yourself wanting to talk about graphic design, the best cafes in Southeast Asia, the minimal waste/zero waste lifestyle, and literally anything else, feel free to reach out!

Kipp Williams is a sophomore from Huntersville, NC studying Computer Science and Public Policy. He is one of two Co-Presidents of the Campus Y for 2019-2020. Outside of the Y, he is founder of queer_hack, an organization that is changing the culture of the tech industry to be accessible to queer people. Kipp loves alt rock music, chai tea lattes, and skateboarding across campus.


Directors of Development

Fariha Rahman (she/her) and Shivam Bhargava (he/him) –

  • Purpose: To expand the resources available to committees and the Y as a whole by providing organizational skill-building, funding (YFund), and committee consulting
  • How they can help you: long term financial goals, providing resources related to goal setting / organizational structures for a leadership model or general committee

Fariha Rahman is Co-Director of Development, majoring in Health Policy and Management and minoring in Chemistry and Biology. Apart from her role at Campus Y, she is also involved with other student organizations such as UNC Circle K and SHACtivism. When she has free time, you can find her watching a movie, reading a book, enjoying a Coca-Cola, or eating Chipotle with friends.

Shivam Bhargava is Co-Director of Development for the 2019-2020 term and is a rising sophomore from Indianapolis, Indiana. He became involved with Campus Y because he is passionate about social justice and helping engage the student body in meaningful service and activism. Some of his favorite social justice issues are immigration rights, disability rights, and racial equity. Outside of being involved with Campus Y Exec, Shivam works at a Neuroscience lab on campus, is on Carolina Creates executive board, and serves as a board member on UNC Holi Moli.


Directors of Outreach

Becky Menard (they/them) and Veda Patil (she/her) –

  • Purpose: To make the Y into a place where no issue, group or person, is marginalized through supporting social justice organizations across campus and engaging in social justice efforts beyond our campus.
  • How they can help you: contacting other social justice organizations on campus, assistance with advocacy/activism through outreach taskforce.

Rebecca Menard is a co-director of Outreach for the 2019-2020 school year, as well as a senior, a New Hampshirite, and a triple Pisces. They study human development and family studies and minor in German. In addition to serving with the Exec team, Becca works at UNC Horizons (a substance abuse treatment program for those who are pregnant and/or mothering) and at the office of Student Life and Leadership as a student leadership coordinator. Their lofty goal is to be a school counselor in a rural high school and own their own home with a vast garden. Becca can talk to you about asset mapping, hamster care, being married, Vermont Public Radio, and… most other things.

Veda Patil is one of the Co-Directors of Outreach for the 2019-2020 school year. She is a junior from Charlotte, NC studying Political Science and English with a minor in French. Her interests range from public education equity and policy reform to the expansive, radical prose works of John Milton. She hopes to work at the intersection of education and labor policy, and eventually go to law school after graduation. Veda interned at the North Carolina Justice Center during the summer of 2018 as a Digital Strategies intern for the Workers’ Rights Project, and she is the Chair of Programming at the UNC Institute of Politics for the 2019-2020 term. She is also a Bonner Leader and works at the Marian Cheek Jackson Center for Saving and Making History as a service partner administrator to help connect student service partners to sustainable, local service opportunities in the historically black neighborhoods of Northside and Pine Knolls. Feel free to talk to Veda about local civil rights history, any of Toni Morrison’s novels, or her love for Fenty Beauty and 21st century astrology.


Directors of Communication

Kalley Huang (she/her) and Sophia Hutchens (she/they) –

  • Purpose: To manage and coordinate the development of content and the execution of publicity and media strategies for the Y
  • How they can help you: logos, branding, websites, photography, publicity, video assistance, etc.

Kalley Huang is a second-year student from New York City majoring in Public Policy and Political Science and earning certificates in Prison Studies and Documentary Studies. She is really interested in learning about and working at the intersections of the criminal legal system and immigration system. Chat with her about film photography, Sonia Sotomayor, and why Bread & Butter is the undisputed best cafe in Chapel Hill.

Sophia Hutchens is a fourth year student double majoring in communication studies and anthropology. Through her independent research and her work with the Southern Oral History Program, Sophia is able to explore her interests in social movements, public history, and queer studies. She does her work, in part, because she recognizes the importance of sharing the voices and experiences of marginalized communities. Sophia also enjoys board games, science fiction, and museums.


Director of Finance

Sloan Godbey (she/her) –

  • Purpose: To manage all committee accounts and improve the fiscal integrity of the Campus Y to better further the mission and functions of the Y.
  • How they can help you: check requests, general financial concerns, SAFO transition 101

Sloan Godbey is a fourth-year student at UNC and is serving as the Director of Finances for the 2019-2020 school year. She is a double major in Women’s and Genders Studies and Political Science with a minor in Sexuality Studies. Sloan is a senior office assistant at the Campus Y and has considered the Campus Y a home to her since her first day on campus. She hopes to continue to make the Y feel like home to other people as well. Sloan is from Wilmington, North Carolina and enjoys spending time at the beach with her friends, family, her partner, and her dogs, Frankie and Dabber. In her free time you can find her at the Meantime drinking dirty chai lattes with almond milk, watching the Office, reading, or spending time with friends. Feel free to reach out to her to discuss literally anything, she loves meeting new people! She wants to continue to make sure the Campus Y is an inclusive place that people feel comfortable being at and interacting with.

Director of Membership

Meenu Immaneni (she/her) –

  • Purpose: To foster a community and an explorative environment within the Y and amongst our membership and to build relationships around campus to increase recruitment effectiveness with a particular interest in encouraging diversity
  • How they can help you: membership recruitment, event planning, first year engagement

Meenu Immaneni is a fourth year from High Point, NC pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Public Health in Nutrition and a minor Medical Anthropology.  She became involved with Campus Y her first year at UNC because of her passion for engaging in meaningful service to address root causes of social justice issues. Some of her favorite social justice are education equity and food insecurity. Outside being involved with the Campus Y Exec, Meenu volunteers at UNC hospital, is on the board of Alpha Epsilon Delta, and is the co-chair of Tarheel TABLE.  She loves animals and consider herself a vicarious pet owner and cherishes her friends pets as they were my own! In her free time (when I occasionally find some), she enjoys hanging out with my friends, baking delicious treats, painting!


Director of Evaluations

Abbas Hasan (he/him) –

  • Purpose: To foster critical thought and reflection across the Y, to assist with committee goal setting and to evaluate the work of the Y within a structural context
  • How they can help you: resources related to ethics and sustainability of work, point groups, evaluations meetings

Abbas Hasan is currently pursuing a double major in American Studies and Political Science. Abbas is looking forward to progressing the mission of the Y and ensuring the Y practices ethical service. At UNC, Abbas is a member of the Editorial Board at the Daily Tar Heel and serves as an Advocate Fellow at the Community Empowerment Fund. Outside school life, Abbas enjoys exploring the outdoors, reading, and spending time with family and friends.


First-year Members at Large (FMALs)


  • Purpose: to add a first-year perspective into Y recruitment and operations
  • How they can help you: first year recruitment!