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The Development Committee (DevCo), a subset of the Executive Board of Campus Y, seeks to expand the resources available to UNC student organizations, activist groups, and Campus Y committees. In addition to providing skill-building, funding through the YFund, and committee consulting, DevCo aims to direct committees to resources within and beyond the Y. Finally, DevCo increases the financial capacity of the Y by pursuing grants and other means of funding.


The YFund provides funding for social justice initiatives within the Campus Y and on UNC’s campus as a whole. The goals of the YFund are to maintain a double bottom line of fiscal value and social justice impact; teach important skills to student applicants and students involved in the selection process; and ensure fiscal responsibility within the Y. The YFund aims to fund new initiatives that meet the following eight criteria:

  • Social justice impact – Does this project fit the Campus Y’s mission? Does it address an unmet social need at UNC or in the greater community?
  • Clarity – Is this project easily understandable?
  • Feasibility – Can this project be implemented successfully?
  • Fiscal responsibility – Does this project maximize the Campus Y’s dollars?
  • Collaboration – Does this project leverage partnerships from within and outside the Y?
  • Sustainability – Does this project have the capacity to support itself once seed funding runs out?
  • Evaluation – Does this proposal include tools to measure impact?

To apply to the Y fund committees must submit an application the next application deadline currently TBD.

If you are seeking funding or have any questions about funding, please email


The Development Committee creates Development Documents, or DevDocs, to guide Campus Y members and committees on specific topics such as how to write a winning grant or how to effectively form partnerships with businesses on Franklin Street. These DevDocs can be downloaded below or found as hard copies in the Resource Hub on the second floor of the Campus Y. If you have any questions, or any suggestions for future DevDocs, please contact the Campus Y Development Committee at