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Founded in 1860, the Campus Y is one of the largest and oldest public service organizations at UNC with more than 4,000 students volunteering each year to address the most pressing social problems in the community at home and abroad – such as affordable housing, food security, public health, youth development, human rights, and environmental protection. It is why Bill Friday, former president of the UNC System, described the Y as “the beating heart” of Carolina.

You can help the Campus Y inspire, empower, and equip the next generation of Carolina students. Your gift can be targeted specifically to support our local volunteers (Campus Y committees), our community service scholars ( Bonner Leaders), our social entrepreneurs (CUBE incubator), and our global citizens (Gap Year Fellows). This giving guide helps you to match your interests with the Y’s greatest needs. We’d love for you to be part of the Y’s successes translating ideas for social change into measurable and sustained impact.

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Volunteerism and Social Justice

Campus Y – The Anne Queen Social Justice Fund (606031)

How do we effectively fight for social justice in our community and address critical local social needs? Building on a tradition that reaches back over a century and a half and has encompassed the civil rights, free speech, workers’ rights and anti-war movements, as well as school desegregation, to name a few signature efforts, Campus Y students today deliver more than 100,000 hours of public service every year at home and abroad. Gifts to this fund go directly to the student Executive Board and Cabinet to support student programming and operations, including seed funding for volunteer projects and capacity building for student leadership.

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The Campus Y Director’s Fund

Campus Y – Ed Schultz Reserve Fund (606030)

The Y Reserve Fund is used by the Campus Y Director to support core program activities across the entire organization – public service locally and overseas, social entrepreneurship, and advocacy – wherever they are needed most. The flexibility of this fund is its greatest asset.

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Social Innovation

Campus Y – The Thom Hartmann Social Innovation Fund (602410)

How can we start-up and scale social ventures and triple bottom line businesses with the capacity to address the most pressing problems facing our world? In 2011 the Y established CUBE, a social innovation incubator. CUBE offers 24/7 co-working space and seed funding to a dozen social start-ups each year. Young entrepreneurs receive training on topics ranging from business planning and human-centered design to lean start-up methodology and social marketing. Gifts to this Fund help staff the program, provide seed funding for ventures, and provide high quality capacity building workshops.

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Community Service Scholarships

Campus Y – The Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Diversity Fund (605058)

How do we ensure that the next generation of public service leaders and social entrepreneurs across North Carolina reflect the diversity of our state? In 2011 the Y established an intensive four-year leadership program for 50 undergraduates who perform more than 1000 hours of service at a local nonprofit and participate in 150 hours of leadership development over the span of their college careers. In return, they receive federal work-study stipends that are earmarked for community service by students from low-income backgrounds. Gifts to this Fund help staff the program, replace cuts in work-study funding, and provide summer public service internships for students.

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Global Civic Engagement

Campus Y – Campus Y Global Gap Year Fellowship (606019)

How do we help students become global citizens with the cross-cultural competencies, professional and life skills to succeed in the 21st century? How do we help them explore model social justice programs in other parts of the world and adapt these models to circumstances here in North Carolina? Gifts to this Fund support fellowships for incoming undergraduates who embark on a year of public service abroad before they come to Carolina, provide grants for summer student service projects abroad, support capacity-building workshops and speakers on global ethics and culture, and enable our staff to advise and counsel students as they integrate their global experiences into their academic and professional careers.

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