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Former Texas Senator Wendy Davis Campaigns for Clinton in Front of the Campus Y

October 3, 2016 • Gabrielle Palacio • No Comments

Former Texas Senator Wendy Davis campaigned for Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton in front of the Campus Y on Friday, October 23rd.


Davis spoke on women’s rights in a Q&A covered by the Daily Tar Heel on Friday. According to the article, Davis is advocating for Clinton because of her strong support of women’s reproductive freedoms, access to healthcare, equal pay, and family medical leave.

The Campus Y is the perfect place to have a conversation about the social justice issues that Senator Davis addressed during her Q&A. The article explains how Davis highlighted the importance of the student vote in the upcoming election and encouraged students to stand up for what they believe in. Davis called on both students and faculty to find their individual voices in the upcoming election emphasizing that each vote makes a difference in determining its outcome.

Article Via The Daily Tar Heel

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