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Project Heel is student-run and student-founded global health organization based at the University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill. Project Heel’s overarching mission is to engage undergraduate students in international service experiences to facilitate culturally relevant and locally-driven sustainable development in Lawra and Kumasi, Ghana.  Project Heel has pledged a comprehensive commitment to the health and wellness of the people of Ghana in an effort to improve access to basic health knowledge, overall quality of care, and availability of vital medical supplies. The ultimate goal of Project Heel is community-based sustainability with local health officials leading such initiatives. Primary projects include:

  • Providing individual first aid kits containing basic medical supplies that are safe and effective for family use, and holding school and community-based educational workshops to provide fundamental information about the use of items in the kits and available medical resources in the area.
  • Constructing a children’s library and medical resource center in the children’s ward of the Lawra District Hospital, and constructing a children’s library at an HIV/AIDS orphanage
  • Facilitating the shipment of donated medical supplies and equipment to rural hospitals in need
  • Developing a nutrition rehabilitation center and nutritional education outreach program in the Lawra District
  • Building a playground and facilitating “care” projects at the Kumasi Children’s Home

We are currently looking for interested students that are passionate about our cause and have time to devote to volunteering in Chapel Hill for our fundraising events! There are also many opportunities to gain leadership in this organization for interested underclassmen this coming year!

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