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Helping Youth by Providing Enrichment (HYPE) provides social, cultural and educational experiences for K-5 students at underserved community centers throughout the Chapel Hill-Carrboro area. UNC students serve these centers by acting as both tutors and mentors. In addition to HYPE’s role as tutors, we seek to inform our members and the university as a whole about educational disparities still present today through interactive discussions and workshops.

In addition to tutoring at the local centers, HYPE also brings the students to UNC at the end of the semester so tutors and kids can hang out in a non-classroom setting while also showing the kids what a college campus looks like. 

How to get Involved:

At the beginning of each semester, an application to be a tutor is sent out through our listserv. The application can also be found on our Facebook page as well as on instagram. We ask that our tutors commit to at least one day during the workweek from 2:45-5:00 PM. Can’t commit to a weekly commitment but still interested? Feel free to come out to our social events and general body meetings where we discuss how to combat educational disparities).

To find more about HYPE and stay up to date on what we are doing visit the following:

HYPE Website



Volunteer Sites:

Dobbins Hill

1749-A Dobbins Drive

Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Hargraves Community Center

216 N. Roberson St

Chapel Hill. NC 27516

RENA Community Center

101 Edgar Drive

Chapel Hill, NC 27516

Chapel Hill Community Center

120 South Estes Drive

Chapel Hill, NC 27514


Morgan Williams

Maddie Parsley

Baird Kazazion

Committee Email: