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CompostMates at Carolina primarily serves to expand access to composting among off-campus UNC-CH students who lack the ability to donate or maintain their own compost. In doing so, CompostMates achieves lower methane gas production in landfills through the diversion of organic waste. CompostMates facilitates this mission through a free pick up service of food scraps.

CompostMates secondarily serves to instill sustainable and environmentally-conscious practices into its members, volunteers, and broader community. Additionally, CompostMates supports local organizations, including community gardens, with their missions through advocacy, publicity, and food scrap donations.

Since CompostMates started our pickup service, we have diverted 4420 pounds of food waste from going into landfills. That’s the equivalent of saving 3509 pounds of carbon dioxide and 366 pounds of methane from entering the atmosphere! This is important because carbon dioxide and methane are greenhouse gasses, which when emitted in large amounts into the atmosphere, can cause irreversible damage to global climate patterns.

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