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The annual Catalyst Conference brings a selected group of 100 high school students from across North Carolina to UNC-CH for a weekend-long exploration of social issues affecting American youth.


In light of the problems that have become increasingly prevalent among today’s youth, we feel that Catalyst Conference serves a vital need. By gathering North Carolina’s emerging leaders to discuss the sources of aggression and discontentment in our schools and communities, they will become better enabled to address this turmoil.

These 100 students will face a challenging task. They will be asked to view the world through the eyes of another and learn about the underlying similarities that connect us all. Through cultivating their leadership potentials, we prepare them to be catalysts for positive change in their own communities.

Catalyst Conference has a $50 registration fee upon acceptance to the conference. Do not send the fee with the application. Also, we do offer financial aid if this registration fee presents a problem. Email to apply for financial aid.

Want to participate in Catalyst? Visit the following to find out more!

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