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Carolina Advocates for Gender Equity rejects the gender binary as a social construct that often leads to harmful gender roles and gender-based violence and discrimination. We celebrate the spectrum of gender identity and gender expression. We make our community a welcoming, safe, and affirming place for all people to discuss and explore gender as an important part of self and identity. We discuss experiences, current events, and theory to challenge concepts of gender and its role on our campus and in our society.

We seek to involve as many people in discussions of gender and create spaces for these discussions of gender-related issues and topics. Furthermore, CAGE seeks to change campus and state policies and services to be more inclusive, eliminate gender-based discrimination, and create comfortable environments for people across the gender spectrum. We involve ourselves in the conversations on gender-based violence and discuss ways to eliminate this violence and discrimination on campus and in our society. As a committee, we actively fight oppression and challenge gender roles as well as celebrate gender identity and expression as components of complex intersectional identities.

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