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The student leadership at the Campus Y is made up of:

  • The Campus Y Co-Presidents: Two student leaders elected by Campus Y members in February each year. The Co-Presidents’ term begins during Spring Break and lasts one year.
  • The Campus Y Executive Board: As the highest decision making body at the Campus Y, the Campus Y Executive Board meets weekly to evaluate and discuss the Campus Y’s work and vision. All positions – except the Co-Presidents, Campus Y Director, and Campus Y Assistant Director – are selected by the Campus Y Co-Presidents through an annual application process. Each Executive Board member has equal voting power.
  • The Campus Y Cabinet: A collection of the leaders of the Y’s 32 student-led committees. The makeup of the Cabinet is emblematic of the complexity of social justice: all issues are distinct, but interwoven.

2020-2021 Executive Board:

Thilini Weerakkody (she/her) and Veda Patil (she/her)

Description: The Campus Y Co-Presidents tackle large-scale issues at the Campus Y and serve as the go-to Campus Y representatives on campus, in the local community, and beyond.

Meet the Co-Presidents
Thilini is a senior majoring in Human Development and Family Studies. While she is originally from Gampaha, Sri Lanka, she spent most of her childhood in Uppsala, Sweden. She has lived in Chapel Hill since she was 11. Before beginning her first year at UNC, Thilini participated in the Global Gap Year Fellowship, conducting ethical service in Greece, Madagascar, and Sri Lanka. Upon returning to UNC, Thilini joined the Bonner Leadership Program, where she has previously served as an intern at RENA community center and a current intern at Grow Your World, a community youth program partnering middle school students to mentors of the same background or race. Thilini has previously been the Campus Y Co-Director of Outreach, working to support Campus Y committees, create safe spaces, and foster connections between the Campus Y and other UNC organizations. She has also served as a member of the Campus Y committee AGRADU, which connects students to ethical, grassroots organizations in Uganda. Thilini is dedicated to understanding and engaging in issues of racial and economic inequity, especially in regards to mental health, education, and housing. She is also passionate about advocating for survivors and de-normalizing sexual assault and intimate partner violence.

Veda is a senior from Charlotte, NC who is studying Political Science and English with a minor in Education. During her time at UNC, she has taken on student leadership roles in multiple politics and social justice organizations, with a special focus on outreach work and bridging student group relations. Veda began by serving as the Editor in Chief of UNC’s South Asian literary magazine, Monsoon, her sophomore year. She also served as the originating Director of Outreach and the Chair of Programming at UNC’s Institute of Politics. Veda entered the Campus Y space as a Bonner Leader, working at the Marian Cheek Jackson Center for Saving and Making History for two and a half years, including time spent as a 2019 Summer Fellow. During the 2019-2020 school year, she served as one of the Co-Directors of Outreach on the Campus Y Executive Board. Veda hopes to teach English post-graduation, and some of her intellectual interests include grassroots politics and ethical service practices, public education equity, ethnography work, and postcolonial literature. In her free time, she enjoys makeup, reading novels, and sustainable fashion.

Eleanor Murray (she/her) and Kalley Huang (she/her)

Description: The Campus Y Directors of Outreach aim to make the Y an effective campus partner and an inclusive space by supporting social justice organizations across campus and engaging in social justice efforts at and beyond UNC.

Meet the Co-Directors of Outreach
Eleanor is a junior double majoring in Global Studies and American Studies. She was born and raised in Chapel Hill, A.K.A the land of the Eno, Shakori, and Catawba! In addition to her involvement with the Campus Y Executive Board, she also serves as a counselor for Carolina Kickoff and as an intern with CUBE, the Campus Y’s social innovation accelerator. Eleanor’s interests range from sustainable fashion (Depop being one of her favorite sites to scroll through) to watching several YouTube compilations of MTV’s hit show Catfish. Eleanor’s current endeavors include understanding the framework of abolition and reading about Chapel Hill politics.

Kalley is a junior from New York City majoring in Statistics and Analytics and earning certificates in Policy Journalism and Media Studies and Prison Studies. She is particularly interested in learning about and working at the intersections of the criminal legal system and immigration system. Chat with her about analog photography, Sonia Sotomayor, and why Bread & Butter is the undisputed best cafe in Chapel Hill.

Shivam (Shiv) Bhargava (he/him) and Aneesha Chakka (she/her)

Description: The Campus Y Directors of Development aim to expand the resources available to committees and the Y as a whole by providing organizational skill-building, funding (YFund), and committee consulting.

Meet the Co-Directors of Development
Shiv is a junior from Indianapolis, Indiana, majoring in Neuroscience with minors in Education and Social and Economic Justice. Shiv’s passions include education inequalities, immigration rights, disability rights, and racial equity. This is his second year on the Campus Y Executive Board! In his spare time, Shiv is also a research assistant at UNC Neuroscience Center, the director of UNC’s Holi Moli, an executive board member of Carolina Creates, an advocacy team member for PIH Engage, and a sibling of Alpha Phi Omega. A fun fact about Shiv is that the TV show Parks and Recreation was filmed at his high school in Indiana!

Aneesha is a junior from Cary, North Carolina, double majoring in Business Administration and Computer Science. She is passionate about immigration, wealth inequity, and financial literacy. This is Aneesha’s first year being involved with the Campus Y. She became interested in the Y after attending multiple committee events and learning more about all the Y does and has to offer. Outside of the Y, Aneesha is on the AG Staff within the Honor System, where she enjoys interacting with students and professors on campus. In her free time, Aneesha loves working out. She has recently started running and hopes to complete a half marathon by the end of the year!

Vibhuti (Vib) Sehgal (she/her) and Ellison Commodore (he/him)

Description: The Campus Y Co-Directors of Communication manage and coordinate the development of content and the execution of publicity and media strategies for the Y.

Meet the Co-Directors of Communication
Vib is a sophomore from Harrisburg, North Carolina, majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Statistics. Vib has consistently been involved with the Campus Y through various different committees. Her passions include LGBTQ+ and Womxn’s rights. Aside from the Campus Y, Vib is involved with Pearl Hacks and is a member of aKDPHi. She loves painting, swimming, and fashion. As an avid Netflix fanatic, her favorite shows to watch are Avatar: The Last AirBender and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Ellison is a junior from Fayetteville, North Carolina, majoring in Psychology and Communication Studies with a minor in Social and Economic Justice. Ellison has been involved with the Campus Y since his freshman year through the Bonner Leaders Program as an advocate at the Community Empowerment Fund (CEF). His passions include mental health, racial equity, and fighting to make the world a more equitable place for people of all identities. Ellison’s interests include painting, gaming, cooking/baking, podcasts, and coffee shops.

Clay Morris (he/him)

Description: The Campus Y Director of Evaluations fosters critical thought and reflection across the Y, assists with committee goal setting, and evaluates the work of the Y within a structural context.

Meet the Director of Evaluations
Clay is a sophomore from Madison, Mississippi, double majoring in Political Science and Journalism. His passions include racial equity, dismantling the criminal justice system, and educational disparities. Last year, Clay served as a Campus Y First-Year Member-at-Large (FMAL) on the Executive Board. In addition to being on the Executive Board, he also is the outreach and communications chair of Criminal Justice Action and Awareness (CJAA). As a style writer for Coulture Magazine, Clay is very interested in examining the intersection of fashion and race. Two interesting things about him is that he knows a plethora of fun facts about Mariah Carey and that a deer jumped through a window in his home on New Year’s Eve!

Patrice McGloin (she/her)

Description: The Campus Y Director of Finance strives to further the mission and functions of the Y by managing all of the Campus Y committee accounts and maintaining the Campus Y’s fiscal integrity.

Meet the Director of Evaluations
Patrice is a sophomore from Washington D.C. with an undecided major. Currently, she is leaning towards majoring in Public Policy and Psychology with a minor in Chinese. Patrice is very passionate about racial equity, especially through the lens of criminal justice. She has been involved with the Campus Y as a First-Year Member-at-Large (FMAL) and as a member of Criminal Justice Action and Awareness (CJAA), of which she is currently a co-chair. Patrice is also content editor for the Bridge, a publication created for and by women of color. Currently, she has been working to create an affinity space for multiracial students at UNC. In her spare time, Patrice is an avid reader, coffee junky, boba tea enthusiast, and an occasional knitter.

Caroline Le (she/her)

Description: The Campus Y Director of Membership aims to foster a community and an explorative environment within the Y and to build relationships around campus to increase recruitment effectiveness, with an emphasis on encouraging diversity.

Meet the Director of Membership
Caroline is a third-year student from Raleigh, North Carolina, majoring in Health Policy and Management with a minor in Spanish for the Medical Professions. She became involved with Campus Y the minute she stepped on campus as a Carolina Kickoff CKamper. There, she fell in love with the mission of the Campus Y as it aligned with her passion for understanding and alleviating social injustice. Some of her favorite social justice topic areas are addressing health inequities and immigrant justice. Along with serving on the Campus Y Executive Board, Caroline is a Carolina Kickoff CKounselor and a member of Qué Rico, UNC’s Latin Dance Team. You can often find her on the quad sunbathing or taking a nap on the couches in Graham Memorial.

Montia Daniels(she/her) and Micaela Campbell (she/her)

Description: The Campus Y Co-Directors of Cabinet organize and lead bi-monthly Cabinet meetings, which bring together the co-chairs of all Campus Y committees, Executive Board members, and representatives from the Campus Y programs.

Meet the Co-Directors of Cabinet
Montia is a junior from Greenville, North Carolina double majoring in Women’s and Gender Studies and Media and Journalism under the reporting track. Last year, she was the Co-President of the Sexuality and Gender Alliance (SAGA), one of the Y’s newest organizations. Aside from being a member of the Campus Y Executive Board, Montia is also a member of the NC Fellows Program, the Co-Executive for (Uni)versed Podcast, and a McNair Scholar, where she plans to study Black feminist theory. In her spare time, Montia loves poetry, reading, and writing. Her favorite book is All About Love: New Vision by Bell Hooks. Montia is also a passionate plant mom! She has pun names for all of her plants and loves taking care of them.

Micaela is a senior from Winston-Salem North Carolina, double majoring in English and African American and Diaspora Studies with a minor in Hispanic Studies. She is a member of the Bonner Leaders Program of the Campus Y and will serve as a Senior Intern this year for the program. Her passions include racial justice and educational equity. Micaela loves coffee and visiting coffee shops in her spare time and is currently involved in White Nationalism Research.

Sahar Sayess (she/her)

Meet the Leadership Mentee
Sahar is a sophomore from Statesville, North Carolina, double majoring in Global Studies and Psychology with a minor in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies. Her passions include food insecurity, mental health, economic inequality, and religious discrimination. Sahar has been involved with the Campus Y as a Bonner Intern at TABLE. Sahar’s interests include learning languages, traveling, and cooking. A fun fact about her is that she is half Palestinian and half Lebanese.

Maya Mitchell (she/her) and Raina Lee (she/her)

Description: The Campus Y FMALs, who are selected after the beginning of the school year, add an important first-year perspective to Campus Y recruitment and operations.

Meet the FMALs

Maya is a first-year from Atlanta, Georgia, majoring in Business. Her passions include education equity, racial justice, and equality for all. In addition to being a First-Year Member at large (FMAL), Maya is also a mentee for the Allison Mentorship Program for Undergraduate Business. Maya’s interests include pottery, cooking, and ice hockey! Her favorite team is the Pittsburg Penguins. When Maya is not doing any of these things, she enjoys sleeping to pass the time.

Raina is a first-year from Cary, North Carolina. Her passions include racial & economic justice and educational equity. Raina is a First-Year Member-at-Large (FMAL) and serves on the First Year Council at the Campus Y. Raina’s interests include thrifting for books and art supplies, doodling, and embroidering. Raina is currently aiming to read more books and discover new hobbies!