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The Campus Y’s mission is to engage students, the UNC campus, and communities in the pursuit of social justice.

Our Community

We honor our community as a place where change can happen and a place that nurtures us with energy, knowledge, and a multiplicity of perspectives. We create a space for self-reflection and growth that enhances our own social justice work, while also supporting student movements at UNC.

Relationships are at the core of who we are. They can take the form of alliances between social justice causes, partnerships between the Campus Y and other student groups or community-based organizations, or the camaraderie and friendships that are born out of our own community. For us, relationship-building is not a means to an end: it is itself essential to social justice work. Our relationships, therefore, are honest, communicative, collaborative, and inclusive. We view dialogue and exchanges of ideas within our community as valuable methods of creating social change.

Our Actions

The fight for social justice takes many forms: direct service, education, advocacy, and activism. Our strategy is to unite diverse committees and initiatives, and empower them with the skills and resources to create lasting positive impact through advocacy and activism, community engagement and social entrepreneurship.

In all that we do, Campus Y students strive to engage in reflective and ethical service, rooted in compassion and solidarity, grounded in deep respect. We understand ourselves as learners, endeavoring to grow while supporting the growth of others as well. We believe that our commitment to serving communities and designing creative solutions to social problems can and should be combined with activism that engages each of our thirty committees. Our model and history empower us to create space for the mobilization of diverse alliances of students, alumni, faculty, and friends in- and outside the university.

Our Values

We, the members of the Campus Y, resolve to:

Uphold the Campus Y’s legacy of social justice;
Honor the communities that enrich and strengthen our work;
Engage in reflective and ethical service;
Respect diversity of thought and background;
Recognize ourselves as students who are learning and growing;
Embrace the multiplicity of our approaches to social justice work;
Commit to honest, communicative, horizontal, and inclusive relationships;
Work with, rather than for, communities; and
Build and promote campus-wide coalitions to fight social injustice.

Our Constitution

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