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About the Campus Y

For over 150 years, the Campus Y has been at the heart of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Its mission is the pursuit of social justice through promoting pluralism, and as such it is an organization that welcomes and supports a diversity of views, approaches, and activities in its agenda to drive lasting social change.

Since its establishment in 1860, the Campus Y has been one of the most vibrant organizations at UNC. With an estimated 2000 members each year, the Y remains the oldest and largest student service organization on campus, a leader in on-campus dialogue and discussion and in off-campus service and activism.

Over the past two decades, the Y has seen a significant rise in its international outreach, along with an increased emphasis on entrepreneurial and sustainable strategies for community empowerment. The organization has journeyed far from its origins as a young men’s Christian fellowship group, to become a pluralistic, diverse institution that champions civil and human rights not just in North Carolina but across the world.