The Coalition for Human Rights (CHR) is Campus Y committee dedicated to addressing a myriad of domestic and international human rights issues through a series of advocacy and action-based events. Throughout the year CHR offers discussion, educational teach-ins, and opportunities for grassroots activism to committee members, the Campus Y, and UNC Campus at large. Specifically, CHR members select 4 point group topics annually to highlight. For the 2015-16 year these topics included indigenous rights, the criminal justice system, human trafficking, and genocide and mass atrocity awareness and prevention efforts. Some events we’ve hosted in the past year included a UNC edition of the Ohio University “We’re a Culture, Not a Costume” photo campaign, an interactive event exploring stories of different migrants experiencing the Syrian Refugee Crisis, and a campus-wide Global Grieving Vigil honoring the victims of world conflicts in Paris, Beirut, Burundi and beyond. Lastly, CHR hosted its 3rd-annual Genocide Action Week this year, in which we offered a series of interactive events, documentary screenings, and first-hand speakers discussing the legal definition of genocide, current conflicts, and tangible action steps for moving forward. In addition, CHR operates a Heels for Human Rights Facebook page, in which we provide an easily-accessible venue to receive human rights updates for members of the UNC community and beyond.


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