The idea behind Carolina Advocating for Gender Equality (CAGE) is to change the culture surrounding gender so we can stop gender bias from happening in the first place. We will work closely with the Orange County Rape Crisis Center by sending volunteers for the ‘Start Strong’ program, which works to educate middle and high school students on sexual violence and equality.  We will also work to bring gender equality to the forefront of discussion in the Carolina community and we especially want to engage male voices in the discussion on gender issues, as we strongly believe this will foster an environment of mutual respect.

In addition to our annual Clothesline Project we want to work to encourage legislators and lawmakers ranging from the local to national level to enact better legislation that advocates for equal rights.  While tackling national issues of gender inequality, we also aim to learn about the work of empowering women worldwide and engage with groups that invest in women in developing and emerging markets. We are a new committee, and are extremely excited to take on members and their ideas. Any project or issue that you feel we should address please let us know- we want to work on it with you!


Finn Loendorf

Emily Hagstorm