The Leadership of the Campus Y is the responsibility of our Cabinet, which is a collection of the leaders of 30 student-led committees that each concentrate on a specific social justice issue, the Campus Y Co-Presidents, and a supporting Executive Board. The makeup of our Cabinet is emblematic of the complexity of social justice: all issues are distinct, but interlocked.

This year’s Cabinet will attempt to embody the following values taken from the Co-president’s platform of 2016-2017:

The Y must strive to…

1) Be socially conscious and mindful in all its actions;

The Y should strive to be reflective, mindful, and evaluative in its actions. We should endeavor to evaluate our work within the context of oppressive societal systems, striving to make sustainable, ethical impact.

2) Be inclusive and representative;

If Y members are going to engage in critical discussions and take action on social issues, it is imperative that the views of those who are disproportionately affected by these issues are included in the discussion.

3) Be connected and transparent internally, to campus, and to the Chapel Hill community in both our infrastructure and dialogue; and

Internally, we must strive to be connected across committees, between Exec and Cabinet, between Cabinet and programs, between students and staff. Our strength as an organization is rooted in our multiplicity of focuses, approaches and initiatives which must serve to reinforce each other. The Y should actively seek out mutually beneficial partnerships and connect with other campus and community organizations.

4) Take a holistic approach to social justice.

In order to affect the most change, the Y’s work must reflect a balance of ethical service, advocacy and activism, and education.


Our Executive Board:


Regan Buchanan and Lauren Eaves


Regan_Lauren- Co-presidents







Directors of Development

Alexander Peeples and Nagwa Nukuna


Purpose: To expand the resources available to committees and the Y as a whole by providing organizational skill-building, funding (YFund), and committee consulting.

Nagwa_Alexander- Development







Directors of Outreach

Ebony Watkins and Raymundo Garcia


Purpose: To make the Y into a place where no issue, group or person, is marginalized through supporting social justice organizations across campus and engaging in social justice efforts beyond our campus.

Ebony_Ray- Outreach







Director of Communications

Nick Hatcher


Purpose: To manage and coordinate the development of content and the execution of publicity and media strategies for the Y.








 Director of Finance

Sid Iyer


Purpose: To manage all committee accounts and improve the fiscal integrity of the Campus Y to better further the mission and functions of the Y.

Sid- Finance







Director of Membership

Kaitlin Galindo


Purpose: To foster a community and an explorative environment within the Y and amongst our membership and to build relationships around campus to increase recruitment effectiveness with a particular interest in encouraging diversity.

Kaitlin- Membership







Director of Evaluations

Crystal Yuille


Purpose: To foster critical thought and reflection across the Y, to assist with committee goal setting and to evaluate the work of the Y within a structural context.








Director of Alumni Engagement

Will Barlow


Purpose: to connect with Y alumni through events that are focused on maintaining relations and communicating with alumni so that they can still make social impacts through the Y.

Will- Alumni Relations







First-year Member at Large (FMALs)

Owen Conley


Purpose: to add a first-year perspective into Y recruitment and operations.

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